February 2009

What is the ’cause’ of the ‘effects’ in your life?

Today I had an interesting thought about the principle of ’cause’ and ‘effect’.  I was reading an author by the name of Raymond Holliwell.  His book is Working with the Law. In there in the chapter on Supply he makes a comment that when we desire any particular effect in our lives, this desire is […]

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90% of Success is Showing Up.

This morning I wasn’t going to write anything on my blog. I was reading a book by Robert Ringer called Action in which he quotes Woody Allen as saying that 90% of success is showing up.  Isn’t that some kid of truth.  If you don’t get into the game.  If you don’t play how can […]

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I concentrate, I focus, I clarify, I select and I resolve

Lately I’ve put a tiny dot on the wall across from my favorite chair.  It is at about 25 degrees above eye level.  Every day I stare at this dot for five minutes at a time, several times a day.  That little dot made by a pen looks like a fly as I stare at […]

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