Rest! How Important Is It In the Creative Process?

In the beginning was the word. The word to be expressed needed a space.

The word was conceived in the invisible.

A breath was taken and time and space appeared.

The Law of the Spirit of Life spoke

and there was LIGHT and that light was the Life of creation.

Breath carried the form of the Word into manifestation and what was invisible now became visible and audible.

Relationship was now on a whole new level and here I am.

Here we are.  Hello.

And the story goes that on the 7th day God rested.

Last night I was reading an interesting article called, “The Law of Attraction and the ‘ultradian rest response’.”  by a couple of guys called Henk and Nicholas.

Have you ever experienced in the course of your day a feeling of being totally diffused and incoherent.  It might also come with an extraordinary feeling of being tired and directionless.

Well I have and in reading this article they said that that state was really INTUITION telling us that it needs some down time, some meditation time in order to move you up to the next level.  So it is important to ‘stop’ at those moments and to focus or meditate or play, whatever feels good for you.

If your interested in reading the article yourself you can get it “here”.

Go there and get the report and tell me what you think?



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