Who Defines Your Worth?

Joy is the “normal” state of mind –

In order to experience JOY  "I" must leave
bitterness, anger and rancor --

I must deny bitterness

It seems we are born in bitterness

bitter water is our lot for a time

Joy only comes to us sporadicaly

To meet joy I must renounce her opposite.

I let go of bitterness

to enter my joy

For a time I wept in the valley of tears

For a time darkness enveloped me

I now leave darkness

I welcome clarity

I welcome beauty

I must break the contract — with rancour



personal development


Breaking contract with darkness

with            S i l e n c e

I am so happy and grateful that I no longer strive with my self.

I am free and I flow forth

I  value my self.  I affirm that I am of great worth

A pearl of great price,  in fact, priceless

I let the awareness of my VALUE grow in me

I reflect on how valuable I Am

I ‘appreciate’ my value

I am Value – Able

“I” value who I Am

I embrace how valuable I Am

I appreciate – “I” – appreciate my worth

I Am worth more than I can imagine

I Am worthy of appreciating my worth

I Am worthy of infinite LOVE.

I appreciate how worthy I Am

I am the pearl of great price

I am a pearlpearl-and-shell

coming out of its shell

I Am Able to Value My Self

“I” give value to who I Am

I Am value-able

I am able to value who I Am.

“I” ascribe value, for I am able to do so.

I determine my worth

I declare my self-worth

To do so I must let go beliefs of unworthiness.

Worthlessness is relegated to the past.

I thought I was worthless

I believed I was worthless and of no value

of no consequence.

I disparaged who I Am

I hated and despised the Gift that I Am


That time has gone.

I awaken to my POWER’

I awaken to my strength

I awaken to love

I awaken to how loved I Am

I declare that I am loved

I declare that I am worthy of love

I declare the worth that I am

I Am the pearl of great price

The priceless pearl

I am worth more that I can imagine or think!

I am valuable

I am Value-Able

I imagine how Good it feels to be loved

without limit or conditions

I deserve to experience this limitless love

I appreciate

I am the Jeweler

I appreciate how valuable I am

I appreciate my value

I am worth more than I can imagine.

I understand – that I am made in the image of God

I set my will to contemplate my TRUTH

Made in the image of God

I am the way, the truth and the life.

I am Joy, Peace, Gratitude

I am pure delight — that is who I Am

There is none other like me!

I am precious beyond reckoning

I reckon I am worth more than I can imagine.

I reckon I am precious enough

for the Creator to deny Itself and to make space for me

I am the New Thing

I am the beauty

I am the apple of the Creator’s eye

I am worthy of love

I am order and symmetry and beauty

I am alluring to love.

I am full of gratitude-

for awareness

The gift of awareness awakens me to my worth.

I am precious to the eye of the beholder

My eye declares that I am worth more than I can imagine.

I leave bitterness behind

I renounce bitterness and self hate

I let it go

And Behold joy is my lot, JOY is my truth

I no sooner release the lies

that I “Radiate” joy!

This is my natural state

and I let myself bask in it,  in who I am.

I radiate new life — energy — power — enthusiasm — JOY — DELIGHT!

I am made new into the image of God as I contemplate and embrace the TRUTH OF WHO I AM

As I radiate

I draw new life

I regenerate

I am a fruitful vine

I generate new ‘vibes’

and I spiral upward

leaving behind

tendencies to despair.

As I leave them

I grow to become Brighter and Brighter into the RADIANCE I AM

I believe

I am thus made strong

I affirm my worth

I grow stronger

I love who I am

I grow in power to share myself

I speak

I express my self

I imagine there is no limit to my worth

I am worth infinitely more than I can imagine

THAT– i can imagine!

and so it is.

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