Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks!

Once upon a time, I lead a life that grew totally meaningless.

One day I cried out— in all sincerity– i cried out.  I asked; is there meaning?  Is there  reason to live for?

For some reason, in my heart of hearts I got an answer.  It took me a while to realize I did get an answer

I got the message that I am loved … as is every living creature and the structure in which we live and move and have our being.

I heard this in my heart of hearts.  I believed what I heard… without words per say, but the message was clear… “Every hair on your head in numbered.  Every tear you cry is gathered in a bottle.”

I heard it and I believed it, and in fact, I felt it so strong that  I could say, I KNEW  IT.

Meaning is what “I” choose to give something.  “I” ascribe ‘meaning’ according to some subjective Value “I” set.

When I perceived and knew, in my heart, by faith, that Love governs the world, I created meaning and purpose for my life —   I believe Love is the dominant Force that is caring for every living creature and the structural things in the Universe that allow it to be.

Love  —  loves and cares for IT’S creation. (despite all appearances to the contrary)

Concerning the self — the person I heard:

In the Beginning was the Word.

What is a word but and Idea/a thought/well formed?

Jesus identified with the word.  He reflected back to us a message.

The message is that you and me are a Word.

We are an expression.

I am a life, meant to be well lived, in the Beauty of a Character well formed in the smithy of Life’s Truth.

What is life’s Truth?

It is the opportunity to be who I am.

It is the Life I am (in)

I am, in my body, — erotic and sensual

I am, in my mind, — able to think, organize, speak and write.

I am, in my spirit, — wise, loving, understanding and genius…

I am One with Creative and Loving Source.

I am an expression of Beauty and Truth.

I am Love

I am who I am — here — now!

I embrace Love that encourages me to live my life

I embrace Love that consoles me and urges me on to share and express my Self.

And so I have, for today spoken to you, a little, about what moves me and gives me meaning.

I really do believe (know) the despite all contrary evidence we a guided, governed and directed toward a fuller and fuller expression of Love  and Unity of purpose and being, for the sheer Joy of so being.

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Peace and Blessings


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