How Important are words?

We’ve all heard the line — ‘as a man thinks’.  We become what we ‘think’ about is what that says.

However, how many of us really take time to internalize the meaning of that?

Where are our words?  They are in our HEARTS in our MINDS.  The mind sends the message of direction and the heart sends the message of feeling.  Ever notice how a ‘word’ can affect you?  Let’s say: SNAKE!

That word word, says your mind, represents a potentially dangerous creature and then you have a feeling response, (a heart response).

I may have written the word but whe you read it where do you experience the response or reaction to that word?

It is nowhere else than in your own Mind and Heart.  That ONE word set off a ‘vibration’ in you.  It’s a vibration to joy (if you love snakes) or a vibration of dread (if you hate snakes).

One simple word, if you stop long enough to look at the effect it has you will see how SENSITIVE YOUR SPIRIT IS.

It is written that we are made in the image and likeness of God.  God is Spirit.  You and me are Spirit.  God the Spirit is Macrocosm.  You and me as spirit is micro-cosm.  One is much tinier than the other but really the same ‘substance’.  It can be likened to water.  A drop of water is the same as a whole sea of water.

The point here is to show that you and me are ‘spirit’… we are a part of great SPIRIT.  And we are ‘sensitive’ as spirit.

Have you ever seen moist clay respond to the slightest touch?    clay potter's hands  

Our spirit, likewise is the same.  The slightest touch makes an imprint.

Every word we use impresses us in a constructive or destructive direction.  In fact we can go deeper and say every “THOUGHT’ can cause of vibration in us toward a constructive action and feeling or toward a destructive action and feeling.

So what we believe in our hearts and minds has an impact and what we confess with our lips and actions has an even deeper impact and we are either moving “little by little” and maybe imperceptibly in a constructive or destructive direction.  It’s that simple.

How important is this concept?  How important is it to take heed of the meditation of our heart and the words of our mouth?

Could we ‘actually’ be the creators of our world? Our destinies?



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