For Freedom you have been set Free

The words of St. Paul resound in my heart today.  “It is for freedom that we have been set free.”

I assume that each ‘person’ is FREE.

A definition of Spirit that I like is; That which is not conditioned by ‘time’ or ‘space’.  Spirit is not held captive within time and space. It is Free.

Then I notice that I am “aware” of Spirit.the-word-1cfycax2ls3dca041m8ecahf782icarhyz11cazkkmsacac4jqdwca1iiju2ca57ydsjcajvgh2pcavapvbwca7s8imcca3gumfbca383rhuca77mz23ca2jqic1cas0nzescarp9m8uca117b4yca2d9ngf

I believe Spirit is the Mind of God.

I believe I am freedom.  I dwell in freedom.

The only prison —— is my mind and its system of beliefs.

I believe

  • That the mind of God is ACCESSIBLE TO ALL
  • IT is there for the using
  • That MIND is the very strength of my mind
  • That MIND is my mind

I am ONE with that MIND.  It is for freedom that I am created.

It is recorded by those who were in concentration camps for a number of years that when the day of freedom came,  those prisoners did not know how to be free anymore.  They had to ‘relearn’ -FREEDOM.

In an earlier blog I mentioned Mary as the Ancient Doorway.  Mary, the mother of Jesus is the state of FAITH.  So really FAITH is the doorway to understanding I am FREE.

Freedom is all around but I’ve learned to identify with the hard lessons and emotional beatings that told me I was a prisoner.

I buried my person.

Today I’m hearing again that – freedom is all around –

I am relearning freedom

I do that by ‘FAITH’  that I am in the Mind of God

This Mind is my mind to use


even that sureness is a GIFT for the taking.  I BELIEVE


I claim it I dwell in Spirit — the Mind of God — dare I believe it?  Yes.

I affirm it.  I stand strong in the TRUTH

By Faith I receive the promise of the SPIRIT.  I am outside of time and space.

I claim the freedom i am made in.  It is for me.  I choose to relearn it… NOW

There is reallythe-word-ancofday only on Person seeking to Sound Through.  That person is FREEDOM

It is the Christ Consciousness (don’t let the word Christ throw you off)

The Christ Consciousness, the Mind of God, the Spirit is there for the taking it is the Substance in which I live and move and have my being.

Each one of use receives an invitation to — take our place, consciously, in the One Person, the One Consciousness.

As each of us does, I believe the Person that is the Christ Consciousness will indeed Sound Through and I will have learned to do what makes me come alive.  FREEDOM will manifest its true nature in my heart and so I will fulfill the truth that it is for freedom that I have been set free.

Here I stand.

It is a Good day.the-word-szreca4cwuukca7tyv42ca7jnufkcaq2zwvwcaqy7k1acataobptcamg1og8ca4unsm4caocdz8pcade3obkcarqfd6vcatz0p0lcax7q24zcapd4vzhcayd7hi9ca9omsxucab0l3fbcafuk620capt5eka



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