The Law of the Spirit of Life

smbeyondsilenceToday I’m reminded that the Law of the Spirit of life sets me free.

Sets me free from what? – from the law of sin and death.

These days we hear so much about the LAWS that govern the Universe.

And so on.

But the law of the Spirit of Life is the Principle of Life that is the Spirit. It is LIFE


Spirit is LIFE itself.  It is RELATIONSHIP.

What I am set free from is what scripture referred to as the Law of Sin and Death.

That’s just a fancy way of saying trying to live from my own strength based on some

sort or rules.  If I do this, I will get that, and I can control my life.

Life is Life. It just is.

There is no external controlling of it.

Today I am reminded that that the Principle that is Life i.e. THE SPIRIT is someone

I am in relationship with.

As I learn to relate to LIFE itself I am set free from the burden of judgment and accusation and self hate and hatred of others and ‘right’ and ‘wrong’.  There is no SEPARATION.

I Am Free.  Life just IS…   I AM

You are with me, ONE.  I AM.

It’s lovely isn’t it?



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