Why Do I See My Self As Separate?

why do i see myself as separateToday, the thought that is coming to me is about being One with Spirit. I think that I tend to see Spirit as one thing and myself as another.  As I read and reread the essays of Thomas Troward I am getting the message that this is not clear […]

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The Caterpillar and The Ego

Yesterday afternoon I watched a butterfly being born. The cocoon, which had been getting clearer over the 19 day gestation period split open and in no time a beautiful fresh, soft, limp new Monarch butterfly hung upside down under the milkweed leaf to which it was attached.   It hung there, under the leaf, upside […]

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Cause & Effect — So What?

Today I am looking at Cause and Effect. If I throw a rock at a window it will have the ‘effect’ of breaking that window.  My action will ’cause’ a broken window. The CAUSE OF ALL CREATION AND ALL THAT IS IN IT, IS GOD. On the other hand I am the cause of the […]

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