Cause & Effect — So What?

Today I am looking at Cause and Effect.

If I throw a rock at a window it will have the ‘effect’ of breaking that window.  My action will ’cause’ a broken window.


On the other hand I am the cause of the result of my life as it is now.  Am I ready to own that?

Here is a great prayer by Raymond Charles Barker from his book The Power of Decision:

“My mind is forever a part of the infinite Mind. The Infinite Mind is never disturbed. It knows no negatives.  It has no fears, resentments or frustrations.  Therefore in my mind now these cannot exist and do not exist.  They have no cause, continuity or conclusion.”

Notice the ‘principles’ he is using.  He is not looking at himself and his life situation and habits.  No.  Instead he focuses on the ‘source’ of all things. Instead of identifying with his pain and weakness, he chooses to identify with Source.

In the last sentence he reveals the second principle that since humans are made in the image of God it is OK to assume we have the power to cause.

Then he continues:

“The creativity of the  Infinite Mind is the creativity of my mind.  The clarity of the Infinite Mind is the clarity of my mind.  God is in business by means of me and the business of God is always Good. Therefore, I think with ease of my accomplished goal.  It is being created in my mind right now.  I welcome its appearance in my experience.”

Here also we see the continued association with God and we see another principle.  That is the one of ‘denying’.

His logic goes like this:  If I am the cause, I am the cause of my life now, as it is.

If I want to see change, I need to change my ‘source’ thinking.

So I refuse to feed thoughts of defeatism and pain and sorrow.

I say no to that, in this moment.

In so doing I make a New Reality happen in my life, exactly as I hold the thought of my identification with God and refuse to feed the way of thinking that got me where I am.  I have to choose the New Way of Thinking in this moment and as I maintain my perspective  and perception of who I am in God,  


I shift my life out of the way that lead me here, to the way I truly am in God.

I hold my truth at the causal level and the ‘effect’ is I am that which Iam perceiving my self to be.

I am clarifying that I am happy, healthy, rich and creative.

Refusing to feed, negativity and the wrong tendencies that I initiated and established in my ignorance, I am now making the corrective at cause level and a New Direction and Way of being is founded.

Somehow, all of this is making sense to me more and more these days.

I am finding my way out of who I ‘thought’ I was and felt ‘conditioned’ to be.

I am selecting my truth and choosing to be who I am, over against the choices I made earlier in my life.

Does this make sense to you?  It sure does increasingly to me.



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