“Now” Is The Only Time

Think about it.  Yesterday is gone.  Tomorrow is yet to come. Now is the Present. It is the present in the sense of being the gift.  Now is the Gift.  This moment is the Gift.  What happens in This moment is the building block for the ‘next’ moment.

We need to release the pass by refusing to go over it again and again, especially if it is a negative experience.  We can however use past positive experiences and the feelings associated with them to remember and in that way raise our energy in the present moment.  This good energy can then transfer into the next moment.

We need to let go the future in terms of worry about what might happen especially if it is connected to a bad past experience.  But here again if the thought of something good coming up makes us feel excited and energized then we can also use that positive energy to build into the ‘present’ moment.  In this way the past and the future play into the ‘present’.  But it is this moment that is the building block for the next moment.

What is happening ‘now’?  Respond by correcting the feeling and the thought if it is negative and discouraging and affirm it and encourage it if it is positive and constructive.

In Thomas Trowards ‘The Principle of Guidance’ he states: “GUIDANCE ranks as the first principle in the order or completeness of a perfect whole and it gives value to all our other powers by placing them in their due relation to one another.”

So the now is where we need to give  guidance to the next step in our life.  If we are sad and depressed we need to ‘guide’ our mind to remember happier times and moments so as to ‘guide’ the vibration we are sending out that will draw to us the coming circumstances in our lives.

Now we need to remind ourselves that we are on track.  It’s like being on the highway.  Our goal might be New York so we need from time to time to remember that that city is where we want to go and to remember from where we have have come and confirm that indeed we are still on the right highway to get us to our destination.  In this illustration its easier in that the highway is clearly helping us stay on course but the principle is the same.  In fact with a moment of inattentiveness we may have missed a turn and may find ourselves on the wrong road.

The role of the “now” is to connect us to the past and keep us focused to the future but it is all done in ‘this moment’.  How important is this moment?  In the language of St. Paul; “Now is the acceptable time, now is the day of salvation.”  Now is the gift we are given so as to be consciously aware that we are on the right track.  The Now’s first principle is to enable us to exercise the principle of guidance and to ask for guidance and to follow that guidance so as to arrive at our desired goal. I am actively engaged in the crafting of my future by the choices I make in this moment.

Is this worth considering?  Is this worth being aware of?  How precious is this moment?



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