Immaculate Conception Happens When The Will Holds The Focus.

This morning I am focused on the relationship between ‘will’ and ‘imagination’.

These are initial thoughts to help my focus concerning this process.

I’ve been reading Thomas Troward’s The Law and the Word. Here is the quote that has got me thinking.  “It should be remembered that the will is not the Creative Faculty in us.  It is the faculty of Conception that is the creative agent, and the business of the will is to keep that faculty in the right direction, which will be determined by an enlightened Reason.  Conception creates ideas which are the seed, that in due time, will produce fruit after its own kind.”

I believe Imagination is therefore the place of conception.  The Will is simply the director, the focusing agent.

Troward continues; “An Immaculate Conception” is therefore the only means by which the New Liberated Man can be born in each of us.  The sequence is always the same.  The Will holds the Conception together, and the idea thus formed gives direction to the working of the Law.”

There is a lot to think about here.  The will directs the imagination and the conception of the imagination that comes from that focus is the direction our life is to take.  As Troward says; “The New Liberated Man (in this way) can be born in each of us.”

Maintaining this intentional focus of the images generated by the imagination causes the real self to surface.

This is food for thought for me today.  I think I will reflect deeply on this today and seek to implement this in my life so that my person may indeed sound through.

A thought for the day.



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