Christ and Spirit Gifts Facilitated by Mary

mountain-peek-contemplationMary is the mediator of the Mediator of a new covenant.  The latter could be called a ”new realm”.

Mary is the human presence evolved and prepared to welcome a new realm.  She is so one with the Holy Spirit that the distinction is hard to make.  Mary at the birth of Jesus, at the start of his ministry, at the foot of the cross and at Pentecost makes her the ‘ground’ of a new era in consciousness.

Really, Mary is the symbol of each of us.  This symbol is the power or ability to ‘receive’.  In my human limitation as me,  I can receive only so much, but in my identification with Spirit I can receive the fullness of all there is to receive.  There is no ‘separation’ between me and God.  There is only unawareness.

If there is a ground, there is a space to receive a ‘seed’.  The seed can be likened to a thought.  In the Christian story of Mary conceiving the seed containing Christ consciousness, we have a human conceiving the thought of God in the form of a person.  Isn’t that ‘to become aware’.  She became ‘conscious’ of being able to bare the thought of God, the Word of God in the form of a person who was named Jesus.

Her consciousness, or awareness was growing in proportion to the Christ Consciousness she was facilitating into the world or human consciousness.  Up until that time God, in human consciousness, was this remote Deity.  Here the human dares to become intimate with God.

So through Mary, for the first time in history, we have a conscious record of humanity daring to claim its ‘likeness to God’.  Hence, through Mary we have the birth of the awareness of Christ (consciousness) and of Spirit.  Two Gifts accessible to all: Christ Consciousness and Spirit.

The question is, can I believe and so receive conscious access to these gifts?

I believe so.

How’s that for a little light reading today?



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