I am in a state of Grace

I am now in a ‘state’ of Grace.  In old time religion that meant some kind of moral purity.  But today we have more clarity on that.  Grace means: Gift.  Hence, in consciousness we could say all is Grace, all is Gift.  All that we need is here for the taking.  It is all around […]

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The Gift of Awareness

Today I lay emphasis on the GIFT.  By faith we need to see ourselves in the GIFT of AWARENESS.  It is not about ‘striving’ for awareness.  It is becoming conscious that awareness is a gift.  In other words, it is all around us like water or air.  It is there and we are always using […]

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Christ and Spirit Gifts Facilitated by Mary

Mary is the mediator of the Mediator of a new covenant.  The latter could be called a ”new realm”. Mary is the human presence evolved and prepared to welcome a new realm.  She is so one with the Holy Spirit that the distinction is hard to make.  Mary at the birth of Jesus, at the […]

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